Here’s to revolutionary thinking…

I’ve come to the realisation lately that this business of a side project is not an easy task to manage in the midst of full-time work, life’s tricky way of chopping and changing, keeping up with family and friends and everything else that gets thrown in the mix. (in my case – making sure I feed myself enough veggies)

I think it’s funny how life tends to get busy without you even realising it. For me, I find I only notice it once it’s too late – once I’ve discovered I’ve spent zero time on my paper art and 100% of my time on everything else!

Sometimes you juggle life and a side project beautifully and it’s smooth sailing – other times you find yourself disheartened and wondering if it’s all worth it.

In the midst of the smooth-sailing, I try and ride the high (as it were) for as long as possible, which usually involves planning, research, crafting and considering every crazy idea under the sun.

In the midst of negativity, I focus on getting away from my piles of paper – getting out into nature and letting the fresh air re-set my thinking. It works every time.

Inspiration seems to come and go like moods, but I’ve discovered there are always constants which stay there in the back of your mind, propelling you forward when you most need the push.

For me – one of those sources of inspiration is this awesome blog – “The Art of Non-Conformity”┬áby author Chris Guillebeau –

It’s very very cool. He talks about how you can easily live your life exactly the way you want it to be, essentially following your own rules and doing what you love.

It’s a captivating read if you’ve ever felt like you wanted to make a life change or if you have some great ideas to put to good use. I highly recommend!

Chris’ blog and out-of-the-box thinking constantly gives me new ideas and reinforces the notion that what I am doing is awesome and necessary, and will one day reap the rewards I am working so hard for.

So here’s to inspiration keeping the clogs in motion!


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