Dear Rut, you will not defeat me. Sincerely, Rachel.

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck lately.

Most likely it’s that post-success doldrum you fall into after a really awesome experience.

Everything sort of goes back to the way it was before and you feel like you ought to have learnt some amazing lesson as a result of said experience.

But I know it’s all just part of the ebb and flow of an artists’ experience.

And I know I did learn a lot from the RAW Showcase, that’s for certain. It was just a matter of getting my mind back into the paper art mode.

Which I thought would be super difficult after RAW. But actually, no.

It really surprised me the other day when I made one small change to my environment, and all of a sudden I felt uplifted, inspired and ready to conquer like crazy.

It was literally just the act of hanging up a bunting that changed not only the vibe and feel of my work space, but also my perspective on where I was next headed with my paper empire. Seriously cool. I should have done this months ago.


This may seem like an insignificant thing to talk about, but for me – it literally pulled me out of my rut and gave me the direction I needed.

It is also fitting, I suppose, that the bunting I chose to put up was the same one I used at the showcase.

Life trying to tell me something?

Rachel – 1  Rut – 0









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