The RAW Showcase A.K.A A dream realised

What can I say. The RAW Showcase was one AMAZING night.

From chatting to people about my weird process to pretending I had public speaking down to a fine art, I had a seriously amazing time. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and terrified and excited me in equal measure. How do you prepare for something you’ve never done before? You can’t. You just dive in. And dive in I did.

I learnt a hell of a lot in a few short hours. About being an artist, about how to market myself, a target market I hadn’t ever factored in and even a little something about myself.

Being an artist is one thing, but selling yourself is an entirely different ballgame. I was so excited to talk to people as they came past, and amazed at their interest and questions about the sculptures. It became very clear to me early on that I needed put on my extrovert hat and talk coherently, you know, like a functioning adult.

It was a decision I made early on to make a speech. I specifically wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone and do the unexpected, shake things up a bit. Also I was using the whole ‘when in Rome’ mentality. And while I made up something completely different to what I’d planned, and faltered about mid-way through, doing that speech made me realise how much hidden strength I actually have. Seriously, why had I not challenged myself like this before? Nailed it.

And the biggest, most craziest news of the night was that I made 2 sales…say what now!! Considering I was anticipating a grand total of ZERO, this outcome was seriously mammoth for me. So epic. The lucky items were the Novels wrapped in brown paper and my good old little Record Player.

A few little interesting things I learnt:

  1. People actually like what I do. It may sound dumb, but I only properly realised that after witnessing the response from the crowd. Mind = blown.
  1. I can actually speak into a microphone in front of a crap-load of people and not ball my eyes out. Who’dve known? Thank you life.
  1. People go FREAKING NUTS for tiny records.
  1. That being an artist means not only creating, but also marketing, and then more marketing, explaining why I made what I did and then explaining HOW I made it. And then literally just telling people you made it up as you went. Yeah…. my comprehensive well-oiled process… Not. One day I will be good at that.
  1. Hanging roses look out-of-this-world beautiful.
  1. 2017 is going to be paper-epic if I have anything to do with it. Watch this space!!

Here are a few happy snaps of the night…

In summary… It was a blast. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.



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