Those Christmas decorations I forgot to make…

So I kinda missed the ball with Christmas this year.

The perfect opportunity presented itself for me to go crazy with some wickedly Rachel-esq paper decorations, but alas…life got in the way and December is now powering on and I fear my time has come and passed….

Story of my life…

Ah well. This just means that I have OODLES of time to prep for 2017’s Christmas.

In the meantime though…here are some wicked paper creations with all the right levels of swagger.


I’ve never been one to cut books up, but this is just so damn cute.


These are just so elegant and dainty!


Anything Mad-Hatter themed is cool, but these little decorations are just so adorable  Рimagine a whole tree of these.


Yes! I LOVE the paper village idea. One day I will get there – I will make an entire town out of paper and it will be marvelous. This is out of character for me – but I even don’t mind the glitter on these little houses. Shock horror.


What better way to beautify an gaudy bauble but by wrapping it in a book’s pages – fab little idea.


As you’ve probably guessed by now – forest green and brown are 2 of my favourite colours, so naturally this gorgeous little garland jumped right out at me. So damn cute. This one really screams Canadian Christmas.


Quilling. Never been my cup of tea – but there’s something really cool about this decoration. I feel like it belongs in a White Christmas theme. Crisp and perfect.



So I guess I have a bit of work to do if I want to top these. At least I have a ridiculous amount of time up my sleeve.

In the meantime, expect more awesome stuff from A Paper Carnival as I prepare to make 2017 seriously spectacular.

Here’s to a Christmas with an over-supply of amazing food, lame jokes hailing from bon bons and frequent beach adventures.

I hope yours is amazing.



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