Candy Apple Bliss


I thought it was about time to meander down memory lane and revisit the original (and continuing) inspiration behind A Paper Carnival.

I have always been a bit crazy about vintage carnivals from the olden days and the way they could conjure so much sugar-sweet excitement. Candy apples, rickety roller coasters, fortune tellers, magicians… does it get any better?

I wanted my art to really evoke this excitement and mystery, and also to have a strong sense of nostalgia.

So here’s what inspires all my weird and wonderful creations.

Good old fortune tellers. How cool is this guy?


1920’s tea cup ride. Man I love this picture. The expressions on their faces PERFECTLY evoke the awesomeness of a carnival ride.


Knife thrower – YES!


I sort of have a love/hate relationship with fairy floss. It’s so damn good but disappears SO FAST. But I love this picture of the kids – they look like they’re about to hit their sugar high.


Oh the Carousel. A vintage carnival wouldn’t be complete without it.


Magicians – SO good! I would put my hand up to be levitated anytime.


While my perfectionist side would be having kittens over the hygiene issue, I love the old school concept of a kissing booth. Such a carnival classic.


Last but not least – the classic sideshow…


So there you have it.

One day when my paper art is on hiatus and someone randomly gifts me 3 million dollars I am going to make it mission to bring back the vintage carnival, and it’s going to seriously rock everyone’s socks.

Until then…



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