An obsession of brown paper & twine and a revelation in moveable art


Oh how I wish bookstores these days still wrapped books like this.

This is how I envisage people in past centuries receiving their books from the local ye olde bookstore, secured neatly and mysteriously in brown paper and twine.

It’s such a quaint little nostalgic aesthetic that just screams the olden-days. I love it.

I guess that’s what inspired this little sculpture. Also I was itching to make another miniature novel, and not just that – but also experiment with a book buckle / latch / whatever those things are called.

I whipped this one up pretty quickly as I already had the miniature book structure down pat, and it was just a matter of making a few different kinds of books in varying thicknesses  and arranging them on a some brown paper.

For authenticity, I actually wrapped these books up and folded and creased the paper as if I was wrapping them properly, just for that extra little bit of realism.

The twine was fun…. I tried to make it look like it was just sitting randomly around the paper – as if the gift had just been opened and the twine had just fallen down around the paper. Well that was the aim anyway. The finished product is ALWAYS different to the picture in your mind.

Part of what makes this one unique is the fact that you can actually move the paper and twine around – it’s not glued – I left it like that deliberately to give the whole thing a little bit of life and essentially be an imitation of the real thing.

Moveable art. Now there’s a cool idea…


Essentially what I was trying to achieve was to make it look like someone had just opened their brand new package of books and was about to pick up the first one and get lost in a new, exciting tale.

And the result was pretty rad like I’d hoped.

What I learned?
That my moveable paper art discovery could become an addiction.


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