The miniature circus is in town


Signature red and white strips? Check.
Tiny flag? Check.
Curtain? Check.
Patience tested? Check.

Welcome to Rachel’s miniature circus!

While I love how this piece turned out, it was actually pretty damn frustrating to make and after it was done I didn’t even want to look at it, let alone consider the prospect of making it again…

Love / hate – that’s how it is with me and my art.

I guess I had an idea in my head of how I wanted it to look, but then the design just morphed into something else entirely as I progressed. Meh. It happens I guess.

To start this one off I first had to create 2 cylinders, which were supported by 4 columns. The top cylinder would form the base of the top of the tent and the bottom cylinder became the base of the structure itself.

After that it was a matter of overcoming the stumbling block of the tent’s sides and top.

Many a “how the hell do I do this?” moments were had.

It was the red and white triangle tent-top that just about killed me. Each of those triangles was hand-cut – and after something stupid like 15 attempts – I finally got them to line up in a satisfactory way.

I really wanted a curtain in there of some sort – and had the awesome lightbulb moment to use different widths of twine to form the curtain’s rolls. And yeah – twine isn’t paper – but whatever – it was perfect.

Adding the flag was my all-time favourite part – it was just the gorgeous finishing touch that this piece needed – there ain’t nothing like a miniature flag to set the cuteness dial to overload!

I really wanted to embody the concept of a vintage circus with this one – I didn’t just want it to LOOK the part, I wanted it to have a distinct olden-day and theatrical vibe about it. And while the process was painful and almost annihilated my patience, I’m happy to say that it turned out beautifully and I’m very proud to be its creator. Ha!

What I learned?
That I could EASILY, HAPPILY spend all day making miniature circus flags.


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