Miniature Paper Roof Tiling 101


Did this one drive me mad? Yes, yes it did.
Did I develop a twitch, hunchback and maniacal laugh? It’s probable.
Am I regretting any of the above? That would be a negative soldier.

I have to admit this little windmill is one of my favourites. I know you’re not supposed to have favourite children (cough, paper sculptures) but I just can’t deny it, I think this windmill is hands-down one of my coolest paper achievements.

There, I said it.

I’ve always loved European windmills, and even more so when I saw them in the flesh (or the brick?) when I was in Holland years ago. Something about the funky square sails and the little thatched rooves – I don’t know – they are just so damn cute. So obviously I had to try my hand at it.

The foundation was easy enough to master, but then I got to the roof and realised that my perfectionist side wouldn’t let me take the easy way out. So I ended up building a circular foundation from twine, cutting out a billion-trillon-gazillion little circles with my hole punch, and then arduously applying each “tile” one at a time. Not only was I doing this one piece at a time, I also had to layer them in such a way that looked like a tiny-roof-tiler-expert did the job.

Seriously Rachel? Since when was this a good idea? Sucker for punishment – that’s me.

But I don’t regret it because it turned out great and my perfectionist alter-ego was satisfied.

Then it was time for the sails, another time-consuming task of cutting out lots of tiny little pieces of paper, all the same width, and gluing them together in the sail-frames. Then I realised I didn’t have gravity on my side when it came to stick the damn thing to the roof, so I had to hold it there for an eternity before the glue decided to do its one glorious job.

The other difficult part was the railing – which was really a series of thin strips of paper layered one over the other to build the shape. It took forever and became a lesson in proportions that I hadn’t really factored in. Challenge accepted.

Once I had finally finished roofing, railing and sailing – I was pretty ecstatic at how this one turned out and found that it embodied precisely the vibe I originally envisioned – quaint, vintage and straight out of a fairy tale.

I literally wanted to shrink myself – Alice in Wonderland style – and go up and kiss its brick-paper walls.

What I learned:
A valuable lesson in miniature roof tiling.
That fighting gravity is worth the pain.


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