Being an admirer of the classic, vintage record player, I couldn’t walk away from the chance to try my hand at this one.

It was an ambitious design, and was the first time I found myself working with pieces of paper literally 1/60th the size of my thumbnail. My thoughts ranged from “what have I done??” to “how do I pick that up??” to “tweesers Rachel you need tweesers” to “ARRRGH I’m going blind”.


But I got there in the end. The most satisfying part of this for me was getting the little dial panel at the front done – relying mainly on a quilling tool and an insane amount of patience – it was an awesome feeling to get all the little black dials positioned and glued.

The record was fairly easy thanks to my sweet circle-cutter (an invention close in awesomeness to sliced bread in my opinion). But then I came across another hurdle with the arm, and it was ages before I figured out how to get that shape down pat. I think I made about 5 different arms before I came across one that actually worked.Damn perfectionism.

There were so many different record players I wanted to replicate here, and as it turns out this little guy is a complete mash-up of about 5 different players.

I guess my aim was for it to be super unique and certifiably adorable, but also fairly simplistic as I wanted it to be more of a representation of a record player rather than a straight replica.

My only regret is that I couldn’t have the little record spinning around on top – as THAT would have been seriously cute.

I’ll work towards that one…animatronic paper art – I like the sound of that.

What I learned:

That my fingers are way too big for handling such stupidly small pieces of paper – but that this challenge is why I do what I do.


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