A Chaise Longue fit for a Gentleman

My third paper art project steered me away from architecture and gave me the chance to try out some classic Victorian furniture.

Another good friend was due to celebrate her birthday, and her love of all things Regency Period was the inspiration: specifically she had always wanted a classic Chaise Longue of her very own (along with a dashing Regency boyfriend of the Darcy persuasion).



I had fun with this one. I’d recently come across this awesome brown-felt paper that had a smooth, fabric “couchy” look about it that I thought was insanely perfect. Combined with some gold paper with a lacy pattern, I created my own take on the chaise longue shape.

It was relatively simple to get the classic shape down pat – I basically just constructed the foundation from a thick card, firstly getting the proportions correct and then covering it in the felt.

I had one of my first attempts at intricate paper-cut art when I created the gold filigree detailing on the back section. Not really one of my strengths I must admit (or maybe it’s just that I found it way too frustrating) but I’m fairly happy with how it came out. That kind of intricacy is onerous mainly because you have to keep a strong, consistent amount of pressure on the stanley knife, while navigating corners and curves. It’s no easy task.

The other difficult part was figuring out how to make the couchy bit at the back look…well…couchy. I actually used little pieces of scrunched up paper and stuck them onto the back board – and then covered all of it in the felt paper – to make it look like the back of a couch. Which I thought was pretty damn clever at the time.

And I had to throw a cylindrical cushion in there as well, and funk it up with a fancy gold trim. The finishing touch was a gold scarf draped over the arm-rest – which I explained to my friend was the scarf belonging to a handsome regency gentleman, soon to return from a ride on his noble steed…

What I learned:

How to make a couch look like a couch.


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