Paper typhoons & the rapacious glue monster



These images are literally the story of my life.

My fingers are forever caked in glue, which I guess is the by-product of working with such tiny materials. More often than not, my smallest paint brush is at least 3 times larger than the paper I am working with! Hence – gluey fingers. As well as this my desk always looks like it has been hit by a giant paper typhoon.

But you know what, it never bothers me.

I love peeling away the glue off my fingers, it’s almost like a freaky second skin. And the mess on my desk shows me that I have trialed and error-ed, experimented, scored, glued and twisted paper – but most importantly – made progress of some sort, even if it’s infinitesimal.

Unfortunately it sometimes means that I’ve spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to make one part of an artwork, only to realise it’s not going to cut it, and I’m left with a crazy pile of seemingly useless, shredded paper and a paintbrush that is dying a slow, glue-induced death.

While frustrating, it’s often a necessary pain to go through as it leads me to a better way of getting that particular part done. I often have one of those “Derr Rachel” moments when I realise what I should have done all along. I suppose it goes back to that age-old phrase “no pain no gain”. And now I sound like a personal trainer, but it really is true.

I love my eternally messy desk and gluey-leprous fingers.

They are home.


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