It all began with a book

Yes I know how clichéd that sounds. But really, it’s true, I can actually bring this all back to a book.

The culprit was a 90’s YA fantasy novel a good friend of mine got me addicted to called The Forbidden Game. An awesome story (I know at least 2 people who would be rolling their eyes right now) where the characters build a paper house from a board game and get transported inside to face their worst nightmares. (just remember the “YA” part of that paragraph before you judge me!)

So I had the un-sensible, lunatic idea to make my own paper house and give to my friend for her birthday. And thus it became my very first paper art challenge. I quickly realised I had no architect skills, so I did a bit of classic trial and error, and then more trialling and more erroring, and then way more erroring and then eventually – finally brought it to life.

Paper House Edit

A little wonky, but it did the trick – my friend was chuffed.

It sat about 50cm high and was completely hollow. (I did have plans to do a death-defying spiral stair case on the inside but that kind of got left to the wayside once I’d finished the templates and realised I was sick to death of paper houses)

Probably the most difficult part was the balcony which took FOR-E-VER and I must have cut myself about 5 billion times. I also had a hard time getting everything to line up and sit properly (as you can see from the left tower which appears to be sitting half in mid-air) but nevertheless it worked out pretty well in the end.

I cut each piece from a thick card stock and painted blue, then put all the pieces inside a box with some sticky dots, and when I gave it to my friend, we both sat down and built the house together, one piece at a time.

I may have gotten more enjoyment out this then my friend – a true testament to my undying big-kid syndrome, but hey.

Sadly it recently died a cockroach death, but it remains the very FIRST piece of paper art I tried my hand at, and resulted in one of those nice proud-life moments.

Following this adventure, I realised I wanted to make anything and everything out of paper, and this is when the true paper art crazy began.

What did I learn?

  1. How to make house templates like a boss
  2. Paper architecture is not straight-forward if you haven’t architected before

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