Papery beginnings

I never thought I would be a blogger. I didn’t think I had the knack, nor any interesting topics to ponder. But since I threw my creative germs at the internet, it’s occurred to me just how much I want to say on the topic. (the creative thing, not the germs) And that’s a big deal for an introvert.

So here goes.

Hey blogging universe. Blogiverse? I’m Rachel, an establishing Paper Artist from Brisbane, Australia with a creative venture I have penned “A Paper Carnival”. I make replicas of vintage objects in miniature form, almost completely from paper and cardstock (but occasionally begrudgingly seek the assistance of wire and twine). I like to ensure that all of my artwork is created from at least 80% paper for true authenticity.

Creativity has been in my life since the word go. I’ve experimented with everything from drawing, painting, gift cards, stencil-making, photography and creative writing. Paper art wasn’t something I explored until my early 20’s, and when I discovered it, it was like my life’s purpose was suddenly revealed. (Cue cliché!) But here was something I ADORED doing AND something I was great at.

Like many, I love the nostalgia and classic feel of vintage eras, and it was this that inspired my first miniature and continues to provide me with amazing fodder for my art. I also love the novelty of a miniature version of something (who doesn’t?) and after I’d mastered my first sculpture I realised I had the knack for working on such a ridiculously small scale. The possibilities from here on were endless. These were the elements that brought A Paper Carnival to life. I wanted to create a series of sculptures that were vintage inspired and embodied the excitement and nostalgia of the vintage carnival atmosphere. This remains the consistent goal for each new artwork.

One of my other major goals as a paper artist is to challenge myself, not only to create in miniature form, but to inject as much detail as possible in each sculpture, enabling the finished product to come to life with a distinct realism and individuality. I am a typical perfectionist – on many occasions I have been known to scrap a half-made artwork and start again. If I’m not satisfied with my art, how can I expect my audience to love it?

I have always had a strong desire to do something awesome with my life, and to leave my handprint in the creative universe. A Paper Carnival is my baby. It’s what I get out of bed for every day and what excites me about life. It consumes me for hours on end (to the point where sometimes I forget to eat) but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the possibilities that it presents that makes it so addictive.

One of my favourite musicians of all time, the talented Brian Fallon, has this iconic line in one of his songs – “I want a life on fire, going mad with desire, I don’t want to survive…I want a wonderful life” – not only does this mirror how I want to live my own life, but it represents the kind of excitement and satisfaction I want to generate from my art. As always, Brian nails it.

Wow ok I’m rambling.

One last thing before I go – I recently became an Etsy seller – you can check out my shop here: Everything I make is available for purchase – lovingly and painstakingly handmade to order. Keep an eye out as I am always adding new items!

Lastly thanks for reading, and be sure to check back soon for the next chapter in this papery tale.


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